Lies They Told Me

This piece of art may be particularly painful for some, but for me, it was healing to do. My family told me lots of lies about who I was that have dictated how I have operated in this world up until about a year ago when I truly started examining my core beliefs.

The lies you were told may not be exactly the same as what I was told, but the message is the same, we are worthless, unable of love, and generally defective in every way. This has led to years of me feeling like I failed at everything (despite the fact I’ve had a lot of success in my life). I like that I could write out all these statement and write across it “LIES” as that’s what they all are. I am a person of dignity, integrity, compassion, love, and light. I forget this A LOT, but I’m working really hard to remember it no matter how bad my day goes or how much I want to give up.

Perhaps I’m a failure in their eyes, and probably in the eyes of society as well, but I want to be a success in my own eyes, how I define it, and I want others with trauma to look to me for inspiration on how to get through it. I was lucky in that I got some pretty incredible treatment for my trauma. My true life vision is for this blog to go big, publish my book(s) and use the money to start a foundation to pay for proper treatment for others dealing with profound trauma. So many of us don’t have insurance or resources to do anything but suffer. Please tell your story. Tell me your story. Tell anyone helpful your story.

Please spread to word of this blog so I can make my vision a reality. Perhaps you will be that one person suffering terribly now that my foundation can help??



3 thoughts on “Lies They Told Me”

  1. Lizzie, I love the latest picture of you. You are beautiful. There is such sparkle to your eyes & a smile of deeper happiness. Of course it reflects the creative energy you are unleashing by returning to writing , relating your story…. & building community. You are on your way! I am so happy oc


    1. Diana, I so appreciate your comment. Knowing I’m building a healing community here then subsequently through my books fills my heart. Making meaning of my pain is the best gift I can give me and all of you. Thank you for your unending and unconditional support!!


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