My True Vision

(This is a picture of my dog looking to the future as his mommy sits and writes!)

In December of 2017, I was sitting in a residential treatment center specifically to work on my trauma when I had a realization. I was lucky. I was lucky in that I WAS sitting in that residential treatment center working harder than I ever had to get my life back. I had the time and the resources to be there to better myself. So many with any type of trauma do not have that luxury at all. People with trauma often can’t hold stable jobs as trauma pervades every aspect of life and often going to work everyday while just trying to keep yourself alive is too too too much.

While I was in that peaceful place, working on myself, I began to work on a book that I had left behind many years ago. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of becoming published. I wrote several books as a child that I did my best to hide from my family. When I was 13, my mom found them and threw them away. I stopped writing then. What was the point if it would just be thrown away??

Sitting at this residential treatment center, I began to write again after 28 years, I mean really write, not just a few random sentences here and there in a journal. One afternoon, I was sitting in a DBT group and our assignment was to do a “DBT house”. Essentially, it’s a line drawing of a house and every floor represents something different in your life. The top is your vision for your future. My vision was to write books on the subject of trauma, sell them, make money, and start a foundation to help people with trauma get treatment. I want to start something where all traumatized people can get the therapy or treatment they need no matter what it looks like. No one laughed at my vision, in fact, it was called beautiful. Kristen, the therapist even said, “Your books will be ones that are well stocked and well read here.” My vision does not involve me being famous or living a luxurious lifestyle. All I want for me is to have modest accommodations and know I am helping others.

So please please please tell anyone you know about my blog. Perhaps it growing will lead to you being able to get the trauma treatment you need? The bigger this blog gets, the more likely a publisher will look at me!



PS Kristen, my vision is coming true. Thank you for believing in me.

2 thoughts on “My True Vision”

  1. I remember that group session and the DBT house assignment. It was special to hear that you wanted to write specifically to help people that suffer from PTSD and trauma. You are one of the strongest people that I know and I know you will make this vision come true. I am grateful for our friendship and our group sessions together. I will be in line to buy your book!

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