Just A Day

I’m grateful today is just a day. It started off not so nice as I physically felt horrible, but I rested my body, made it to an appointment, and back home again!

On my way home, I stopped at my apartment office to pick up a couple packages there. There is this one guy who works in the office who I always immensely enjoying talking to. He’s very smart and always manages to make me laugh, even on days I’m feeling my worst. My interactions with him have made me realize that people are put in our lives for different purposes. Some people, we are meant to have deep, meaningful connection with, some people we smile at because they are our neighbors, and then there are some people who just are. This guy in my apartment office happens to be one of those. We don’t have a connection through trauma or anything deep, just two humans who like to laugh about pretty ridiculous things.

I usually avoid people as they make me feel awkward and unwelcome, but I’m realizing ALL people, whether deeply hurting, or just making it through a day working in a leasing office at an apartment complex, need connection. We all need to feel as though we are visible and seen and heard.

Thank you to all my friends who I have deep connections with due to trauma and the new ones I’m going to make through this blog. Today though, I especially want to thank people who appreciate me just because. I’m appreciated just because I’m a human who walks this earth. I’m appreciated because it’s just a day and we are all just trying to get by.



PS. R—no trolling my blog!! Smiles*

4 thoughts on “Just A Day”

  1. I’m glad you are my friend and pick me up when I’m down! I love that you open your home and arms for me. More people need to be like that. So much hurt in this world and I don’t understand why people put more salt on wounds. Thanks for being you!


    1. I appreciate that very much! I feel like such a downer often, despite trying to remain positive. I will continue to help others as much as is safe for me too. I want to help others. It is the whole vision of this blog. I will never understand why people are cruel or hurtful, especially when they see a person hurting. I have to give myself a reframe all the time as to what I’m doing. I may become initially angry about a situation, but if I vent, then breathe, then reflect alone, I usually come to my best decision where I try not to hurt others, but genuinely help within boundaries that are good for me. And a BIG thanks for being YOU!! Love to you


      1. Lizzie, I think it’s so very true about how people can contribute to your life even in short exchanges, in unexpected places. The first time I injured my back, I was in nursing school, on bed rest… & very lonely & isolated after being in the hospital. While in the hospital I discovered how loving and positive the staff from housekeeping , dietary, etc were…. They really kept my spirits up. And while home I was amazed at how much just the daily short exchanges even with the secretaries ,well everyone ,was so missed. You’re right about each one having a different personality and our relationship was different, served a different purpose.


      2. It’s absolutely true! We have to get snippets of love from wherever possible. Of course some is a smile, while others is a meaningful conversation. I realize I need love of all different types, so I take every brief interaction of love I can. Keeps my heart full and my soul going!!


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