Not Much to Say

Hey Everyone! I don’t have much to say today. I just gave myself my B12 injection prescribed by my doctor to help with my energy levels. It makes me a little sick for an hour, so thought I’d take my “sick time” to say something or nothing!

If you keep up with m blog, you know I traveled to Thailand on a spur of the moment. I got a second of energy, was feeling a little brave, a lot crazy, and here I am.

As with anything in life, being here has had ups and downs and lots of middle. I mostly want to motivate people who are afraid to follow a dream due to fear, trauma, societal pressure… If I hadn’t had the courage to follow my dream and take my moment, I wouldn’t be experiencing what I am now. It’s hard to put it into words as I’m traveling alone and most of my experiences will be held within myself as I’m experiencing it with just me. I will say that pushing myself beyond what I ever thought I was capable has been completely transformative, life changing, and incredible for my mental health.

It’s not to say that any of it is easy or simple or that what I deal with has been anything less than completely complex, but taking a moment to do something truly for myself and grasping an opportunity that presented itself is what we are all meant to do.

Once again, I tell everyone to be “selfish”! It just may be the best thing you ever did. Being called this is now a huge compliment as I am happy to know even people who strongly dislike me acknowledge the huge amount of self love I’m engaging in.

So that wasn’t much, but keep going. Be good to yourself and be mindful of the good.



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