Don’t Be Lost in Negativity. I Wish You Peace.

Do you ever notice that when something negative happens, which is usually an interaction with another person. It can be anyone from the grocery clerk, to your boss, to your partner, to a friend. Anyway, when this negativity happens, I find my heart pounding, my stomach turning, and that horrible spinning of anxiety in my chest.

It happened to me. Before I was in tune with my body, this would have turned to panic or something pretty awful. Today, I noticed what my body was doing. I had a negative interaction and found I was feeling like that little girl of my childhood who had to just been chastised and accused of things and that little me knew I couldn’t respond. Little me knew that many people who appear to attack don’t care what you have to say. No one cared about my voice. I learned to just be silent. So today, I noticed myself feeling small and went inside to do some self talk that I am a grown adult who is mentally strong and safe and has a voice and is surrounded by loving people. I’m not alone to be chastised. I took a few very deep exhales of the negativity that had just been put in me (you don’t have to allow it, but I’m working on not letting everything affect me) and went about my business.

The important thing is that I noticed what was happening in my body. I honored that I felt scared. I did the self care of breathing and was able to be really ok. I then took the steps I needed for me to be safe from this interaction.

Upon returning home, I used the “loving kindness” or “metta” meditation. Meditation is huge in my healing. I’m going to post a short video below about this particular meditation as it has become so encompassing in its helpfulness in my life. I use it for me, but I most often use it towards others that are hurting or sick or making my life difficult. Sending love instead of hate manifests love in your life. Maybe not from the person you’re sending it to, but it will happen.



I hope the video works. Let me know. Entering new technology realm for me!

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