Music is a Language I Understand

I learned to play the piano when I was tiny and picked up the violin in elementary school and played through part of college. I love all music, but sometimes when feelings are intense and you have no words, it helps me to listen to music without words.

Sometimes I need to hear lyrics I connect to, but as I’ve been so sick and nauseous and now going on day 2 in the hospital, I need to not explain anything or connect to words. If you’ve never listened to classical music, don’t hold yourself back from trying it out. There are many composers, many of which suffered tremendously, which you can hear the highs and lows of life in one composition.

Sometimes words aren’t necessary, but a connection to feelings is.

This picture is off iTunes. I have lots of favorites, but many of these are getting me by. I guess I have a lot of gratitude for so much great music.



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