You Got Lucky, or Maybe I Did!

Meditation for an unbearable week physically

I guess when they say what stays on the internet never goes way, they are correct! After much bantering with WordPress, I can’t really export my content. Well I did, except all my images were just code language and the content was disorganized. A basic mess. My option to keep my content was to switch to the free version. In a couple days, it will no longer be in pretty colors but I can post occasionally as well as update where to find my new writing as it comes. I don’t even know what it will look like honestly!

No doubt it has been a miserable couple weeks for me physically. I’m proud I have become strong in my meditation skills. I don’t do meditation apps or listen to anything guiding me. I can clear my mind to a state of utter nothingness that allows me to disconnect from the physical storm of pain I had for several days. It sounds like nothing, but it’s a state of fullness that one can only understand if you can do it. I guess having a dog sit on half your face helps too. This is my dog that likes to “help” when he knows his mom is very bad off. He does a good job. Considering just a handful of years ago, if I was told there was going to be meditation, I would have gone running as I could never clear my anxious brain. That causes anxiety! No more.

Crazy as it may seem, being upside down helped relieve my migraine a bit. My head is actually barely touching the floor, so it kind of suspends as a backwards blood flow. The pose is held by pressing the forearms firmly into the floor while interlacing the fingers to make a cradle for the head. You push out of your shoulders and voila! I’m in an almost headstand. Being upside down has a way of turning you right side up.

Iyengar Yoga Headstand

A huge thank you to those that reached out personally to know my future endeavors. I’m hoping it’s bright as I continue to manage a multitude of chronic illnesses and wait for a call from a surgeon to get something pretty big done. I don’t feel afraid. I feel equipped no matter what it looks like as I grow stronger each day through exercise, healthy eating, and lots of self examination.



3 thoughts on “You Got Lucky, or Maybe I Did!”

  1. Yay that you’re still here! 🙂
    I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well 😦 That makes sense to me that being upside down would help with a migraine since lots of headaches (I don’t know about migraines in particular) are caused by lack of blood flow to the brain. I may have to try that out myself sometime. 🙂

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