Chronic Illness Lingo

Weekly Infusion of SCIg

It’s a strange thing what we each experience that feels like a normal experience that must be universal. This is my attempt at some chronic illness humor as I work at being much lighter in spirit while still honoring tough realities. This is light today.

I recently had a conversation with a lady who is in her 50s. She was talking about having her first ever EKG a few weeks ago. I was like, wait what? Your first EKG in your 50s? I’ve probably had at least 5 this year and hundreds in my life at 44. I’m not normal.

Someone posted on Facebook making fun of “gf”. In my world “gf” means gluten free as I have celiac disease that is an autoimmune disease that attacks the intestine and they are finding causes neurological symptoms as well as lots more if you eat any gluten. I can’t even eat something if you take a bit of your gluten food and stick your fork in my gluten free food as it’s been contaminated and enough for me to get sick. I even made fun of people for being gluten free as a fad diet years ago until it became a huge part of my health. So I was highly offended that someone I know was so publicly make fun of “gf”. I asked for clarification. “Lizzie, gf means ‘girlfriend’”. 🤦‍♀️ I’m not normal.

All the rage is talking about IG. I’m super excited as I’m on IG therapy or immunoglobulin therapy so I finally don’t feel so alone. I mean EVERYONE references IG. Good thing I figured out “IG” means Instagram and not everyone I know understands my IG, although I realized why some people have been so dismissive when I say I’m on IG, or immunoglobulin that I don’t specify that part, which is a very big deal and get a look of, “who cares”. They are probably wondering why I’m so serious about being on social media or Instagram in their minds. I’m not normal.

So it’s kind of silly to me what my normal is that is not a universal experience at all. I’ve been working to listen to what other people’s unique experiences are. I like to know what is unique in their lives and what they are looking forward to in tumultuous times as Hope lingers even when life is strange.

I did do something normal yesterday that is probably a universal experience of doing something dumb. I was trying to do laundry yesterday and couldn’t find my laundry detergent anywhere. My washing machine is in my kitchen. I gave up until I went to get some water. I put my laundry detergent in my refrigerator 🙄.

What’s something unique to your life that might be a shared experience but very limited? What did you do that was dumb and made you laugh at yourself?



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