About Me

My body is 42 years old, but I often feel more youthful.  I live in Northern Nevada and enjoy taking adventures with my 11 year old adopted son and my little dog recently rescued named, Napoleon.  I am grateful to live in a beautiful place filled with lots of opportunities to be in nature.  I find nature gives me peace even on the hardest of days.  I cook all the time as I follow a special anti inflammatory diet to help with my autoimmune issues and chronic Epstein Barr.  I am passionate about writing and hope to be published someday soon.  I create a lot of art that I will be sharing here.  I don’t necessarily claim talent, but I love it and helps my healing tremendously.  I am living on disability due to my mental health and autoimmune issues.  My biggest goal in life is to figure out who I am and be the success that I want to be as defined by ME!  My passion is to help others and create a community of support for anyone alone and suffering.
Love Lizzie
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